This crawling war of cultures will remain for ages… As it exists for ages already.
It will take generations to understand no solution for tic-tac-toe.
We are facing our world’s entering the dark ages again. Some nationalities we’ll be step behind other, but due to the nature of conflict nobody will enslave or become enslaved… It will be steady, low tension fight.

Modern war has started, everyone is participating. No hope, no remedy – ridiculous as only big, world wide disaster may stop this madness. Otherwise we will just see another statistics every they which will remain neutral until your/my family/life involved.

…but one day everyone will be involved. And the spiral of hate is already spinning around.

I see nations dropping on arms and armies.
I see nations arming like crazy.
I see ignorants, they don’t bother anything but a new toys.
I see mass fed with mislead information.

I don’t see any spark of imagination, it’s just…

in my opinion THEY should do this, but THEY shouldn’t do that.

…and I am sad about this lot.
People are not thinking I want to be happy
People are thinking I don’t give a shit, just leave me alone

The question is if mass of blind, ignorant but powerful mass may turn this world back on track.
And if, how long it will take?

Corporal democracy vs. eMinority autocracy?

Too many questions… Too much cry.
I need to focus.

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